Watch Me Grow Experience

The Stages of Your Child’s Life

There is no higher honor as a photographer than to be designated as YOUR family photographer. We take the job very seriously of documenting and photographing the romance of your engagement, the joy of your wedding day, your bump becoming a bundle, your newborn becoming a child, and your children growing up to be teenagers (and beyond!).

The Watch Me Grow Experience is a series of sessions that help to document your child’s development from the earliest days to the present. Sessions become so much more relaxed and fun when we already know each other well! Your children will enjoy the freedom to be themselves (which is exactly what we want to photograph most!)


Watch me grow from a baby bump… This is where we celebrate the bump that will change your life (and heart) forever.


…welcomes your child to the world.

Watch me grow from an infant… Only days old, babies are God’s gift to our lives. You already know what to expect from this amazing shoot: the most amazing pictures of your baby. Make sure to book early, before your child gets too old.

3 Month Baby Session:

Your newborn is now a baby…and there aren’t words for the joy those first smiles bring to your heart. 3-4 month sessions are a perfect time to document just how much your baby has changed since her first two weeks of life, but still show how small and precious he still is. Your baby has changed so much since her newborn session! At 3 to 4 months, she is now full of smiles, gurgles and coos. And she is so much more responsive to interaction, which is exactly what we want to beautifully document for you so you’ll never forget these precious moments!

6 Month Baby Session:

When baby is just starting to sit up, but not yet on the go, we will capture them again. Those gorgeous giggles are lighting up your life and our lens, and baby chub is at its pinchable best…it must be documented! The six month session highlights the start of your baby’s unique personality that will be with you forever.

9 Month Baby Session:

Though she likely hasn’t changed very much in size since 6 months, she’s come so far in her motor skills, sitting up, rocking back and forth…and she’s showing so many more signs of her intelligence! Definitely worth documenting her growth as she approaches her first birthday. (Don’t cry, Mom!)

1st Birthday & Cake Smash Sessions:

So much has changed in 12 months! Rolling over to crawling to walking, sign language and first words, milk to baby food…it just keeps getting more fun! Celebrate your baby’s 1 year milestone with an in-studio cake smash session or on location birthday session! (Where did the time go?) It’s time to celebrate! Cake smashes are a great way to celebrate a 1st Birthday! Most often, we organize a special Cake Smash Session in-studio or on location, even it’s not on their actual birthday. The session begins with a small portrait session capturing your child alone, or with you and/or their siblings, playing a bit, and up close. Then, comes the cake. Your child will be able to let loose and make a mess! (We’re not sure who has more fun in this session, us or them, haha!) We have so many great ideas! For more information about this session and instructions for preparation,


After the First Year

Watch me grow as the years go by. From seasonal portraits to beach sessions, let’s get those photos of your child throughout their life to document the changes and capture your memories. Most families bring their child back once a year. Bring the whole family so we can get everyone together in timeless photos.

They Grew Up So Fast

You’ve been watching them grow up to be teenagers and now they are ready for college. What better way to celebrate their accomplishments than to get a beautiful senior photo shoot?


It’s Time For a Family Reunion

You are probably familiar with our family sessions. Check out the latest family images and see what you would like us to do for your family.