Meet Charleston's Top Family Photographers

Our goal at Valerie & Co. Photographers is to capture the spirit and the heart of each member of your family in perfect clarity that you, as well as future generations, will treasure. From the expectant glow you have when you’re pregnant, those ten perfect tiny toes on your precious eight-day-old, the giggle of your precocious toddler...we want to capture every detail of your family; the heart and soul of your life. From newborns and toddlers to high school seniors, and each birthday and special moment in between, Valerie and her team of photographers has your family covered.

  • Maternity Photographer

    Charleston South Carolina Maternity Photographer

    Within you is growing a person who is about to completely change your life forever. Pregnancy is the only time you gain weight & want to celebrate. Time to show off that baby bump!

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  • Newborn Photographer

    Charleston South Carolina Newborn Photographer

    Giving birth is difficult, but glance at the face of your sweet baby & you know it was worth every second. We want to capture every detail of your precious newborn while they’re 6-12 days old!

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  • Family Photographer

    Charleston South Carolina Family Photographer

    Your family is the heart and soul of your life, yet your children grow up so fast! At each stage of life, let us capture who you are as a family, not just what you look like.

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